Powder Coating

At Khaz Customs powder coating is one of our most popular services we provide. Not only does powder coating give your alloys a slick new look. It also acts as a perfect finish to cover any chips, scratches or other scuffs your alloys may have. However, we like to fix that damage by using our alloy refurbishment services. Once the damage to your alloy wheels have been removed, we will then finish with our powder coating services should you require our skill-set.

Alloy Refurbishment

No matter how expensive of a car you drive, or how skillfully you manoeuvre it. Your alloy wheels will eventually pick up scratches, scrapes, and a lot of other damage.  Since wheels are one of the most important components of your vehicle, it is advisable to keep them in a good condition. One method we use at Khaz customs is alloy refurbishment. With Khaz you are guaranteed to get best alloy wheel refurb services at affordable rates. Our expert technicians are known for carrying out all refurb tasks in a highly professional manner. Therefore, we can ensure that your wheels last a lot longer, and provide you with a great driving experience. Most importantly that they keep you and your family safe.


At Khaz Customs we thrive on being the leading specialists of alloy wheel refurb services in London, Essex and surrounding areas. We let our work speak for itself!

Hiring Khaz Customs offers the following advantages:

  • Improve the overall condition and value of your car by removing dents, scratches and chip marks from the alloy wheels. In turn, restoring its strength and performance.
  • With our professional services and quick turnaround time, we help you save valuable money. Also ensuring minimum inconvenience due to unavailability of vehicle.
  • Our team of well qualified and expert wheel technicians are capable of carrying out all refurbishment tasks in a efficient and long lasting manner. Providing great value for money.
  • We even offer customised colour powder coating of the alloy wheels to make them match the overall paint or wrap of your car. Giving it a cool and stylish appeal.
  • We have the appropriate infrastructure. The latest tools. Most importantly, the technology to provide the most effective and exceptional services that meet your specific needs.


If you are seeking reliable and affordable alloy refurbishment, or powder coating services for your car. Look no further than Khaz Customs. We cover London, Essex, Kent and the surrounding areas and would love to give your vehicle the Khaz look. At Khaz Customs we are the best in the field. Call us now to get a professional and long lasting solution for your alloys. Whilst also enhancing the life and market value of your automobile in the process. Not to mention the handling of your automobile.