Vinyl Car Wrapping Essex, London and Kent

Vinyl car wrapping has been in use for a long time. In the past it was primarily used by race car drivers. Not only to make their vehicle stand out. But it was also to cover the minor damages their automobiles might have suffered after a race. However, over the past few years, car wrapping have become a popular choice among regular car owners. Furthermore, It gives a totally unique and trendy look to their vehicle. We, at Khaz Customs offer the most elegant and stylish custom vinyl wrapping solutions for your car. Most importantly, we do this in a professional manner and at a competitive rate.


Car vinyl wrap will not only enhance the beauty of your automobile. But it also safeguards it from minor scratches and damages. Listed below are some reasons that make opting for such a wrap a sensible option for you.

  • It is an extremely affordable option. Compared to the option of carrying out a regular spray paint work. As well as offering the option to customise the designs according to your personal taste and preference. Which makes your vehicle truly unique.
  • It is quite simpler and less time consuming and offers a neat and finished look and feel as compared to spray paint. The wrap can be used to cover the entire vehicle and providing it with a new look. Alternatively, you can get a designer look by covering the automobile partially in strategic spots.
  • They offer a significantly larger life span with a good quality wrap lasting anywhere between five to ten years. Moreover, any damages to the wrap can be easily repaired without replacing the entire vinyl sheet.
  • Car wraps provide a protective cover for the original paint work too. Which prevent damaging it. When implemented properly they can even enhance the beauty of the color and make it come alive.

Contact us now if you would like to add to the aesthetic appeal of your car – Or simply enhance its individuality. We guarantee high quality vinyl wrapping service that will make your vehicle truly stand apart and give it a distinct appeal.