Puddle lights are a relatively new concept in the automobile industry. They are designed to ensure the safety of the passengers embarking and disembarking the vehicle. LED lights are generally fitted underneath the doors or side mirrors to maximise the area being lit. The lights point towards the pavement or the street just beside the vehicle, giving more visibility of the surroundings. In turn, this also helps prevent injuries or even stepping into puddles – Hence the name ‘Puddle lights’.

Khaz Customs technicians can customise all lights to suit unique requests. Whether its fitting generic, custom lights. Logos, pictures, names or even slogans – We can help! Not only will the puddle lights help with safety but they will give the vehicle and new and unique look.

The majority of passengers and drivers have had the experience of stepping into a puddle or uneven ground, whilst manoeuvring in and out a vehicle. The lights prove to be extremely helpful in these conditions. Whether its Audi puddle lights, BMW puddle lights or Volkswagen puddle lights. Khaz Customs can remove any worries when embarking/disembarking the vehicle by simply adding the LED puddle lights.


Khaz Customs has earned a name for providing the most professional and best quality auto services in Essex and adjoining areas. Making sure that all light fittings are done as per the customers desired specifications. In addition, choosing Khaz Customs services proves advantageous in the following areas:

  • The only company in the UK that can customise lights as desired.
  • Only using the most durable and environment friendly lights. Enhancing both the elegant look and power efficiency.
  • Fully testing all the lights for providing a non-flickering and a brilliant beam. To guarantee better visibility of the streets over a larger area.